What Tutoring is all about... my thoughts

Typically, private tutoring sessions last just one hour per week, and it is important therefore to be realistic about what the goal is.

Ask yourself the questions:

    why am I opting for private Tutoring?
    what are my child's particular requirements?
    what are my goals?
    how will I determine success?
Below are some of my thoughts....
I only have one hour...
What I cannot do is "teach Maths" or "teach English"...
So what can I achieve?
    enjoyment, focus, motivation, enthusiasm, the love of learning, confidence, self-esteem, worth, value...
If I can develop and foster these feelings, I firmly believe that the capacity and yearning to learn is greatly enhanced both in and out of the sessions.

I cannot "create an Einstein", but I may be able to undo any damage that may have been done, fill any gaps in Maths or English that may have arisen, boost a confidence that may have been crushed, foster a self-belief that may have been lost, change a fear of learning into a love for learning...

I can spend an hour playing with numbers, enjoying challenges, reading poems, explaining, listening...
The hour is focused, motivating, invigorating, enjoyable, confidence boosting...
It's an hour well spent.

to be continued...for ever!!

My Subjects

I tutor in the following core subjects:

Key Stage 1 

 Key Stage 2 

 Key Stage 3  



- English -





- Maths -





- ICT -






In addition, I can offer most CORE KS1, KS2 and KS3 subjects, such as handwriting, reading, science, ....

Please contact me to discuss further.

My rates

My sessions are generally 1 hour and my rates as of April 2020 are £30 per hour

(this includes travel within the highlighted Haywards Heath / Burgess Hill boundary).

For locations outside my local boundary, there may be additional costs to cover travel and time.     

If there are additional children to tutor, the rates will drop

- e.g.  2 consecutive sessions may cost £50.


Do contact me for more details.



My Availabilty

CURRENTLY:    0    slots available

Tutoring need not always happen "right now", and a delay of a term or even a year before starting may not be a problem. 

Slots do become available, especially after the summer term.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to be added to my waiting list.

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Chargeable Tutoring Resources

There are some great resources available to support tutoring - Revision Guides, Workbooks, etc.

Where appropriate and with your prior agreement, I will use these during the sessions, and charge you the cost of these resources.

When the tutoring sessions end, these resources will be handed over to your child for future reference.

Session Cancellations

If a slot is booked on a weekly basis, but a session is cancelled, this obviously has an impact on my time and my income - it is effectively time LOST for me as I cannot fill a cancelled session on a "one-off" basis.

However, whilst it is standard practice for tutors to make a charge for cancelled sessions, I will only do this if it occurs more often than expected - and I will certainly discuss this with you beforehand.